Schwab Fiasco

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I invest through Schwab and post-11/16 I'm having the following Quicken problems:
1. I'm not getting updates to bond quote/price and the same for a few funds.
2. I've had to find and delete random duplicate entries in several accounts, even those that aren't through Schwab.
3. Several recent transactions in my Schwab accounts won't download to Quicken.

Yesterday, I spent 2 hours on the phone with the Schwab help line. I don't think the Schwab contact knew what he was doing and none of the many actions we took worked. I was told that I had to delete and manually enter all my bond holdings. First, I have no idea how to do that, and 2) I shouldn't have to do that.



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    Yesterday they told me that it was Schwab's fault and I would have to contact them for a resolution.
    Good luck to anyone that has a Schwab account.
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    Sounds familiar. I have an issue that is unresolved now for over a year. Quicken says it is the bank and the bank says it is Quicken... so it hasn't been fixed yet...  
    Windows 10 and Windows 11 (separate computers)..... Quicken Premier 20+ year user
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    I finally got my Schwab accounts able to sync with Quicken without causing my credit cards to inflate to ridiculous numbers and now when I try to update them I get stuck on "Your data is being synced to our improved cloud service. This is a one time process and may take several minutes" It gets stuck at 35% and then nothing happens and it offers me the choice of staying on or exiting Quicken, Has anyone else encountered this and what can I do?
  • Today there is a continuation of the problems with Schwab investment transactions. Sale of stock in brokerage account not posted, only partial sale of options posted in IRA account, cash out of balance. Trying to keep up with manually posting but it is a nightmare. Needs to be fixed now.
    I have auto post selected. Running Win10, R37.37, and many, many deactivated/reactivated/reset and reboots over last 3+ weeks.
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