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I saw this issue has come up previously. This happened to me this morning. Quicken was open when I went to bed. When I tried to use Quicken this morning, I got the no budgets message. The only thing that happened overnight was that Microsoft pushed a major WIndows update. No idea why that would be connected. a system reboot did not fix the issue and I had to revert to a backup. Is this under review


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    I would strongly advise to never leave Quicken open when not in use. Any interruption to power or an unattended reboot can/will cause data corruption. You can resolve your missing budget data by simply restoring your data file from the most recent backup before this pushed update.
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  • I recently, very recently, set up a family budget. I am retired so it wasn't anything fancy. Income set up was ok. Budgeted categories were chosen...no problem there until I hit the OK button. Income was all that was listed in the "completed" budget set up. They were listed as chosen in the "set up" but disappeared after the OK command. What went wrong? I hope there is an easy fix.
  • Looks like I posted my problem on the wrong spot. I just hope someone reads it and has an answer.
  • I have a fairly long story about disappearing budgets with a happy ending, I think. Root cause is that I think I had more budgets than Quicken could handle. They went back to 1997. Here is my saga:

    Upgraded from Deluxe to Home and Business on 12/4. Staples wound up selling it to me for $31. Said they made a mistake but they said don't worry about it.

    During the Activation process I said not to sync to quicken Cloud. Possibly the first issue.

    On 12/5 when I started Quicken and looked at budgets it said I had no budgettable accounts. Restarted Quicken and all my budgets were gone.

    Tried many things on a backup copy like a Super validate, which some times crashed, and doing a Quicken clean that totally cleared out all traces of prior installations. An excellent support person Jason talked me through this. None of this helped. Sometimes I thought it was fixed, but after updating my accounts, the next time I ran quicken same problem.

    Finally I got the idea of deleting some budgets. After getting down to 32 budgets, things seem to be stable again.

    Along the way ran into other bizarre stuff like my Quicken file doubling in size, from 350 meg to 700 meg.
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    I have been having major problems with budgets disappearing for over a year now! I am a LONG time user (over 25 years?) and am very frustrated that this issue continues. I lost all my years of budgets about a year ago. I continue to try starting a new budget, but each time I do so by entering only one or two items the budget then disappears at some point during the next few days. I see many others with this same issue.......I find it hard to believe that Quicken has still not resolved this issue.......