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I saw this issue has come up previously. This happened to me this morning. Quicken was open when I went to bed. When I tried to use Quicken this morning, I got the no budgets message. The only thing that happened overnight was that Microsoft pushed a major WIndows update. No idea why that would be connected. a system reboot did not fix the issue and I had to revert to a backup. Is this under review


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    I would strongly advise to never leave Quicken open when not in use. Any interruption to power or an unattended reboot can/will cause data corruption. You can resolve your missing budget data by simply restoring your data file from the most recent backup before this pushed update.
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  • I recently, very recently, set up a family budget. I am retired so it wasn't anything fancy. Income set up was ok. Budgeted categories were chosen...no problem there until I hit the OK button. Income was all that was listed in the "completed" budget set up. They were listed as chosen in the "set up" but disappeared after the OK command. What went wrong? I hope there is an easy fix.
  • Looks like I posted my problem on the wrong spot. I just hope someone reads it and has an answer.
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    I have a fairly long story about disappearing budgets with a happy ending, I think. Root cause is that I think I had more budgets than Quicken could handle. They went back to 1997. Here is my saga:

    Upgraded from Deluxe to Home and Business on 12/4. Staples wound up selling it to me for $31. Said they made a mistake but they said don't worry about it.

    During the Activation process I said not to sync to quicken Cloud. Possibly the first issue.

    On 12/5 when I started Quicken and looked at budgets it said I had no budgettable accounts. Restarted Quicken and all my budgets were gone.

    Tried many things on a backup copy like a Super validate, which some times crashed, and doing a Quicken clean that totally cleared out all traces of prior installations. An excellent support person Jason talked me through this. None of this helped. Sometimes I thought it was fixed, but after updating my accounts, the next time I ran quicken same problem.

    Finally I got the idea of deleting some budgets. After getting down to 32 budgets, things seem to be stable again.

    Along the way ran into other bizarre stuff like my Quicken file doubling in size, from 350 meg to 700 meg.
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    I have been having major problems with budgets disappearing for over a year now! I am a LONG time user (over 25 years?) and am very frustrated that this issue continues. I lost all my years of budgets about a year ago. I continue to try starting a new budget, but each time I do so by entering only one or two items the budget then disappears at some point during the next few days. I see many others with this same issue.......I find it hard to believe that Quicken has still not resolved this issue.......
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    This issue just occurred for me again today. I have done some searches and this problem seems to still exist, but I have not really seen any indicators to the source of the problem. About once a month, but with no obvious triggers, I get the message "This Quicken file contains no budgetable amounts or categories". This forces me to copy a backup or create a new budget. The only answer I have seen is be more diligent in backing up my file. Most discussions other than this one which I started is are closed, so just bringing this back to the forefront to see if there is any new information out there. Per the previous posts, I only had 10 saved budgets. I set up a new budget and will go forward with just one.
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    This is now happening to me daily. Everything single time I open up Quicken, My routine is restore backup, download transactions; save backup, close quicken. Repeat
  • I am also a 25+ year user of quicken. I started having budgets disappear about a year ago. I keep checking the blogs and hope a fix is coming. I have done all the suggestions. Still, it seems to immediately crash after it is synced with quicken mobile/ web.
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    I have given up on budgets. They disappear seemingly at a random whim. I back up after each session, every time. Close Quicken and then re-open. I check before I use Quicken to see if the budget is there. Sometimes, yes, sometimes, no. But when I forget and do an update, it almost always seems like the budget is gone. So frustrating, I give up until it is fixed.
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    Turning off all Cloud Sync has helped some with stability of the budget file. Thats a shame because I liked the cloud features, but the budget feature is more important to me
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    I have had the sync to mobile feature turned off for months, and still get disappearing budgets. At this point I just add one budget item and then check on it each day. Sometimes it stays for a week, or a day, or 2 weeks - but then it disappears, and I get the "no budgetable accounts" message (again). This has been going on for about 2 years. I cannot imagine why it is not being addressed by Quicken ?!?!
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    I'm getting this issue as well many times. Once when updating to a new version. Had to completely uninstall then reinstall, apply mondo patch to the previous version then restore the last good backup file then the budget reappeared. Contacted Quicken support and walked through the update process and the budget survived the update. I had a budget just 30 minutes ago, did the one-step update for all my accounts (NOT updating to the next version released today) and the budget is gone! This is unacceptable and will demand Quicken refund my subscription fee until this issue is resolved (acknowledged, fixed and budgets don't disappear for at least 3 months). I'm very disappointed Quicken hasn't chimed in on this thread at all. NOT acceptable for a paid subscription service! C'mon Quicken!
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    mdave22: I've had very similar very results after following Quicken support recommendations. [Removed - Solicitation] I don't understand why they don't put resources to correct this issue or at least acknowledge it is a high outstanding issue. Does Quicken even read these comments?
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    Just saw this thread.  Wanted to chime in support of the calls for Quicken to prioritize addressing the “disappearing budget” issue!  Hopefully strength in numbers will get their attention.

    Used to be a big promoter of Quicken as the the ultimate financial management software.  While I continue to use with years of transactions vested, I can no longer recommend to friends as I would feel very badly if they encountered these software flaws.
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    So I am not alone on this issue. That happened to be as well, now 2 times after spending hours and hours creating budgets, those are gone (2 times now). Please fix this issue.
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    Hi Everyone,
    This is a serious and blatant software flaw and I hope the fact that sooooooo many are registering the problem on multiple threads will get Quicken’s attention!
    In the meantime, I have found that the quicken online/cloud interface seems to be a definite factor.  I have reduced the occurrence of budget data loss by reducing the number of accounts that I employ the Express Web Connect “capability”.  There are a lot of complaints associated with this process which create CC-800 problems and often budget loss.  This creates the need to reestablish connections and/or restore files that had the budget(s).  Also performing other MEMORY INTENSIVE tasks such as investment analysis and category modifications can also result in budget loss.  (I have 32 GB Ram, so if a cause, could be the way Quicken utilizes Ram?). Until Quicken prioritizes this basic feature flaw, I suggest that you back up Multiple times each session so you can restore from a file that has your most recent work.  I admit this pathetic, but this keeps me afloat until Quicken cares enough to prioritize.
    Makes me wish Microsoft was not blocked from acquiring Quicken years ago.  Wouldn’t it be nice if Quicken worked as reliably as Word or Excel 🙂
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    I also have experienced the issue of budgets disappearing. I have the latest version of Quicken for Windows. I have lost all my previous budgets and created a new one for 2022. Today that budget disappeared in the same session I was viewing a budget report! Quicken Support - please fix this bug.
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    Today, the disappearing budgets issue was triggered when I tried to add an account to a custom category group. This action worked, but when I went to view it, all budgets were gone. as mentioned above, a serious software flaw.
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