Specialized watch list that includes prices/values

I invest in options in 3 different accounts tracked in Quicken. As option prices can fluctuate greatly, it would be nice to have a summary of all options across all accounts showing prices and values to determine if any buys or sells should be executed. A customized 'watch list' that would allow inclusion of securities from any account showing this information would be very convenient. Having the prices, values, and gain/loss would be a great summary. This screen could easily be refreshed at will. The only way to get this information currently is to jump between all of the accounts and manually search for each the desired securities. This would certainly be handy for any security type.
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  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Can't you do this by customizing a portfolio view?
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  • Jim_Harman
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    For each option, you can go to the Security Detail view, click on Edit Details and give it a Security Type of Option. The first time you do this, click on the Edit types button and define Option as a new type.

    Then you can group an Investing > Portfolio view by Security type and the options will be grouped together. Unfortunately you can't filter a Portfolio view by security type, so that it just shows the ones with a security type of Option.

    Or even simpler, don't bother with the security types and customize a Portfolio view and on the Securities tab, include just your options.  
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