Schwab update Issues as 0f 12/7/2021

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I have been adding my input to many of the discussions regarding this Schwab transtion.
Here is my latest input as to the ongoing problems and issues as of today:

1. CDs and Stock Option prices are still not updating in Quicken. I have not seen updates since the 12th Nov on CDs and 21st Nov on Stock options.
2. I continue to have to reset accounts to force downloads of transactions.
3. Transactions do not appear on the screen once downloaded unless I close Quicken and reopen.
4. Stock Option count does not agree between Schwab and Quicken. (example 2 options in Schwab and 200 in Quicken). I just don't agree to download placeholders. Yes I know 1 option equals 100 shares but this always worked before. It looks like the share count on CDs finally got fixed.
5. Accounts with Limited Power of Attorney can no longer be downloaded - apparently a Schwab decision.

I have been a user of Quicken for over 20 years and a Schwab client for 30 plus years and have never seen such problems.


  • boyjohn
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    I am still getting a reauthorize request every day, although the transactions are downloading as normal once this is done. Anything I can do to fix this, or is it still being worked on?
  • I too am still not getting option prices downloaded. Have not be downloaded since November 21. I'm running R37.37. Any response from Quicken support, even one acknowledging that option prices are not downloading but they're working on it would be appreciated.
  • David7172
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    CD prices have not downloaded from Schwab since 11/17/21. I have not seen this in open issues. What gives? 3 weeks now...
  • nerdindenial
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    @maeagle Yes the accounts with limited power of attorney are not download-visible to the "attorney". And downloading them using the owner's credentials to the same data file seems to trigger disconnection of the "attorney's" account. But none of these joint or "attorney" accounts are downloading for me. We either need to wait for a fixed program/servers or follow the advice in another thread by @gsundle:

    Signed out of my quicken ID (Under Edit>Preferences> Quicken ID & Cloud.
    had to fight it a little to let me sign back in (Quicken kept crashing while trying to open my data file). So I opened another data file (or created a new one would work) and signed in.

    Then opened my data file.

    I'd already disassociated my Schwab accounts so I just went into the Add new Accounts and added Schwab and Company.

    Gave me the "need to log into schwab" and some disclaimers. But this time it let me select which accounts I wanted to allow. [my wife and my accounts have different userids so had to do this twice).

    But it connected each of the accounts (had to do it 2x changing the userid/password i put in).

    Will say the Linked Cash Accounts worked fine without changing anything (thankfully so that 20 years of cash transactions didn't end up in the brokerage account)
  • maeagle
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    I am using my spouse's ids for all accounts for now until (if ever) LPOA gets fixed. Interesting issue came up the morning. I tried unmatching a couple of CDs and Options and rematched them. ..and the prices updated with the rematch. This still won't solve the problem of price downloads, because I can't keep unmatching and rematching the securities to get prices...hopefully the moderators can use this as a clue as to what is going on.
  • David7172
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    edited December 2021
    No CD's prices are updating for me since 11/17/21, when the changes to Schwab connection by Quicken began. I don't have time to help them solve the problem, plus wait times for help have been too long. I did solve the problem with LPOA a week or two ago by going thru the process to reset those accounts. Unfortunately I do not recall the exact steps, but definitely fixed the LPOA account access/update problem.
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