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Is there any way to pay a payment/bill via ACH not using a website? Like Quicken Bill Pay used to. Quicken Bill Pay would even perform the activity on the date specified.

The reason: Like one of my bills to a company - if I pay it through the Quicken Bill Manager it's basically the companies site to pay the bill. How am I benefiting using Quicken Bill Manager to pay the bill when I could just log into the the companies site and do it? But not only that question...the company is charging me a fee to use their site to pay the bill so it's costing me more. How can I avoid that? I didn't have that situation at all when I used Quicken Bill Pay. Now, the only other option is to rely on "snail mail" and have a check sent.

With electronic processing being the mainstay in society - the day is going to come where banks will start charging a fee to process a paper check. What is Quicken going to do then? Making the statement of using a Check Pay isn't of value-add at all; not now and definitely not then.

There were references previously about ACH type transactions for online payments. What is that status of that? Is it there and I am just not seeing it? Now-a-days, people (babysitters, plumbers, landscaping, etc) use like Venmo or Paypal or aspects like that. Is Quicken going to integrate with those so that ACH or online payments can be done? How is Quicken going to be proactive on a solution rather than being reactive like it is now?


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    I have used my Chase checkinig account and the Chase website for all my online bill payments.
    As it turns out, Quicken can connect to my Chase account, and "send" my Quicken payment transaction to Chase.
    It drops the payment into the Chase bill pay section, just like I had entered it via the Chase website.
    There are lots of banks that offer this connection to Quicken for bill payments directly... like Chase, PNC, etc
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    A couple of things. Not everybody uses a "bank" some of us use a credit union. Although, like my credit union has the ability to pay bills as well, I cannot say that it links in like what you have with Chase. But there are more problems with that as well. My credit union has a limit on the number of transactions I can do just like Quicken does. They are not in sync either.

    Mind you I don't really have a problem with Chase either. With Quicken Bill Manager, the only observation I have had if let's say I have a scheduled payment already and then let's say I buy something and a week later I want to pay it. You cannot have more than 1 Quick Pay. So, I would either need to cancel it and reschedule with another or I need to do a check pay.

    Having the same features/functions like what was with Quicken Bill Pay for ACH or integration with something like Paypal or Venmo would be ideal and would probably resolve any concern. But any viable information rather than no information is good.
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    edited December 2021 said: Although, my credit union has the ability to pay bills as well.....
    which Credit Union - and we can look....
    although, each financial institution has to contract and purchase "services" from Quicken,
    and CU in general either don't support Quicken, or opt for the lowest cost tier of service,
    which would not include the bill payment conduit feature.
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