Anyone else having transactions revert to "uncategorized" after having category assigned?

:# I have had this problem off and on for over a year, have called support multiple times, and have never had a satisfactory answer. I download credit card transactions and assign categories that have not automatically populated. At some point, sometimes right away and sometimes days/weeks later, the transactions revert to "uncategorized". The only solutions I have ever been offered are to use a back-up or to re-enter them all manually. At one point I was told it was a known glitch and they were working on it, but recently have been led to believe that it is something I am doing wrong. I am VERY frustrated!!


  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, BConley:

    The usual culprit for this is corrupted Quicken Cloud data clobbering your local data file. It's not common, but we do occasionally hear reports of users who have local data in their desktop file being altered repeatedly.

    You might not actively use Mobile, but there is still some syncing going on with how Quicken gets its data from banks.

    I don't know if Quicken support suggested this, but once you have your data corrected, I would not do any updates but rather, immediately reset cloud data. You can do this from Quicken:Preferences (and click on Connected Services). This will not erase or alter your data; it will flush out what is on the Quicken Cloud and force a fresh upload from your desktop file.

    This usually resolves cases where people correct their data locally, but things get returned to the incorrect state upon the next account update/sync.
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    Also, if you are not using the mobile app or web interface, turn OFF Sync in Preferences > Mobile, Web & Alerts, and this may prevent the type of problem John described above.
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  • BConley
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    Thank you both. I did the reset and will see if it works. Synch was not turned on.
  • BConley
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    Am I going to have to do this reset every time there is an update?