Implement Investment Tracking of Cryptocurrencies

Need to add some functions to assist us in tracking our cyrptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, etc) on the different trading sites and software wallets.

First- need to modify the current limitations that exist within the Investments items. The upper limit needs to be increased. Some of these coins are worth pennies and thus people could be buying large quantities of items. Also, the number of allowed decimal places needs to be expanded as well. Bitcoin requires 8 digits of precision to the right of the decimal; Etherium requires 18 digits of precision.

Second- a way to record fees associated with these transactions. There are two types of fees typically seen: the trade commission fee paid to broker, and the transaction fee paid to the blockchain. Some transactions deduct the fee from the transaction total like a "normal stock trade" but others allow you to choose how the fee is paid- either in $$, the coin, or in a different coin.
Ex1 - Buying $200 in BTC on Coinbase will result in a $1.99 fee and 198.01 bought of BTC.
Ex2 - Spending $50 equiv of BTC to buy a product will result in an extra bit of BTC to be spent as a fee to the blockchain and maybe a USD fee to the middleman.
Ex3 - Trading BTC for ETH on Binance will have a trade fee which could be paid either in the coin being spent, received, or paid using BNC balance.

Third- having a way to categorize these Investments and get current quotes.
I have created a new classification within QuickenW of 'cyrptocurrency' and I have made custom ticker symbols like BTC.coin, ETH.coin, XRP.coin, etc
Should be able to integrate or work with the big suppliers like Coinbase or someone to build a quote-providing engine.
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  • DeweyVT03
    DeweyVT03 Member ✭✭
    I don't know why this 'idea post' didn't come up when I first searched for this before making my post....

    But looks like it has been ....planned.... for five years without being able to get it to work? There are crappy websites out there that will do this for you with some uploading of transaction downloads. But I don't want to pay a questionable site to do this for me. I'd rather pay QuickenW an extra $5/yr since I trust them with my financials.