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I have accounts that have been duplicated with transactions over a period of years requiring manual deletion of all duplicate entries. I have a bank account that kept all the transactions, but removed all the categories and made them all uncategorized over a period of almost two years which included hundreds of transactions.
When I contact Schwab, they say it's a Quicken issue and when I contact Quicken, they say it's a Schwab issue. And of course no one has a remedy. Same sad song but with a new verse.
All I can say is I wish to hell that someone had insisted the bugs were removed before we were forced to use this garbage. Will someone be held responsible? I would waver much on the side of "no way."


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    Totally agree! [Removed-Disruptive] Within the last couple weeks I've spent over 2 hours on the phone with Quicken support to no avail. I've had to disable and re-enable downloads on all of my Schwab accounts multiple times and it seems to work for a while and then stop working. And it's not just Schwab anymore. Starting yesterday I noticed errors trying to download two capital one accounts and also a credit card account at Citibank. The error message said I need to "Reauthorize" the accounts which I did; but as of this morning the accounts are still not working. I also noticed that new transactions in my Schwab checking account are not downloading either.[Removed-Disruptive]
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    While I'm in no way suggesting Quicken is blameless here, you do realize that these problems are all triggered by changes by the financial institutions, right? Schwab decided to discontinue supporting Direct Connect, and forced Quicken to switch to the new connection method. Schwab imposed the rule that Quicken users may not have Schwab connections in more than one file at a time. Schwab imposed the limitation that accounts not directly and solely held by an individual can't be connected for downloading. These limitations by Schwab caused Quicken and its connectivity provider, Intuit, to have to scramble to develop new code and methodologies in order to continue being able to connect to Schwab.

    Did Quicken botch some elements of this transaction? Absolutely! But I think it's an overstatement to call Quicken "hopelessly broken" because of a bad few weeks of playing catch-up to changes dictated by a financial institution.

    Just my $.02 on the situation...
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    Ok, fair enough, I see your point. I do wonder whether Schwab provided Quicken and/or Intuit notice of the change and ample time to implement and test the new connection protocol? Maybe I just need to cool off and give them another week or two to get this fixed although I'm still coming to the conclusion that maintaining and reconciling all these accounts in Quicken is becoming more trouble than it's worth. Perhaps Quicken has come to the same conclusion with this new "Simplified Investing" model?? Cheers!
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