How to know if the Communication by eMail is legitimately from Quicken

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Generally communications from a company marketing a product uses an email which is reasonably clear to be from that company.
Considering the sensitivity of data processed in the various editions of Quicken the validity of the source of any email alleged to be from the publisher/developer needs to be such that it is legitimate.
In the past decade of using Quicken, the communications about Quicken software and their management of the software came from or a similar acceptable tld (I think they used .ca at one point before earlier in the system).
I have just received an email from [email protected] with the subject of Quicken Update | December 2021
In November I received an update with the subject Quicken Update | November 2021 but from [email protected]
I have no recollection of receiving an email, allegedly from Quicken, which was not from
Is the first described email (December 2021) a legitimate email? If so why does it not use To me that is a red flag and if the legitimate owners of don't feel it is necessary to take steps to protect the traceability of legitimate relevant topics then I would question their sincerity about statements relating to security of the quicken suite or software.
I am interested in the response by management of concerning my reservations about the legitimacy of communications relating to software which manages sensitive data.


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    I suggest you post your concern at:
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    ps....a dot CA  (.ca)  would be from Canada.
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    This was a concern for me as well given that my email flagged the Quicken message as spam and it was a unannounced change from earlier process. Either this was an intentional (bad) change or it was accidental and shows a hole in Quicken's security process in that any change, especially in the domain from which official communications will be sent, should go through a review process. Quicken needs to take all security seriously. (And yes, sending a newsletter that ask customers to click links is something that needs to be right.)

    Please have someone in management, or at least in security, address this directly.
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