Multiple Issues with Bill Pay, Downloading Schwab, Citi and Slowness [edited]

Hello All,

I have been using Quicken for many, many years. [Removed - Rant]

Just a few of my many issues:

Cant pay several bills via Quick Pay (now it has a User Interface problem)
Check pay not reliable
Can't download Schwab
Can't locate my credit union to attempt downloads
Can't download citi cards
Very, very slow - especially when reconciling bank statement. No, its not my PC, my Quickbooks file is much larger and plenty fast. Its a Quicken problem, that was introduced sometime during the Intuit transition.

At this point, I am either leaving stuff out, entering by hand or signing into my credit union to pay bills. [Removed - Unhelpful]

I know you guys are working hard to fix these issues, but apparently, something has gone very wrong [Removed - Speculation]. 

The whole bill pay change over has never worked 100% and that was the beginning of the rest of the mess. Should have fixed that first before moving on to the other software changes.

[Removed - Speculation]
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