Fidelity Net Benefits 401k balance doubled, and then cash only, new quicken file, reproducible

Having an issue where all 401K account values are doubled. New quicken file. Connect up accounts -- $0 in cash in each account. Doesn't matter if simple or detailed view. Everything is exactly doubled. If I look under detailed view -- I see a starting balance of cash of the full amount of the account. If I delete that, all is good. Until I sync. (at this point having just the investments and the share count), and then it 0's those out, and puts everything in cash. Correct value, but now no positions. :(


  • pmarker
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    Have you found a resolution to this issues. I believe I am having the same issue. When I originally setup Fidelity Net Benefits using Simple Position it only showed a cash balance, which I did not have any cash in the fund, and also the positions of the funds did not show up. After a couple of months not doing anything about it, all of sudden the different positions for the funds show up and I also have a Cash Balance which is exactly the amount of the total 401K account. I have tried to delete the cash balance but like you it returns as soon as I sync up.
  • lorisha7
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    I am having this same issue. It just started a few days ago, bank is Fidelity Net Benefits.
  • Leo Raby
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    I am having a similar issue with an incorrect cash balance. And a missing brokerage account that equals the cash balance. I have not called support
  • I am hoping to contact support soon.
  • Contacted Quicken support -- After 20 minutes, was told 'it will be necessary to contact the department that handles Online Services with third-party financial applications at Fidelity and tell them what happens when trying to download information. Unfortunately, we do not have access to the institution's server.'
  • This seems to be because it is a 'Direct Connect' connection.
  • Contacted Fidelity to troubleshoot -- not having much luck there... :(
  • OK. Finally got someone who knew something. It's a known issue on Fidelity's side. ETA for fix is EOB tomorrow - 1-5-2022.

    Here's hoping...
  • pmarker
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    Do we know if Fidelity fixed the issue. I tried this morning on zeroing out my cash balance and then did an update and the cash balance came back.
  • It does not seem to be fixed for me @ 9:49A 1-10-22, Eastern...
  • Moliver
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    Subscribed to Quicken and downloaded this morning. This is my first time EVER using Quicken and the first set of accounts I tried to add are all from Fidelity NetBenefits. After adding I noticed all account totals were doubled. On the phone for almost 2 hours, sent logs, screen shared, etc. and they believe the problem is on Fidelity's side. I did a fair amount of troubleshooting and research before calling. Later I found this post and told the customer service rep. others have called in with the same issue. His "research team" is going to call me back tomorrow. I have zero confidence in Quicken, lost half my day trying to get Fidelity accounts to populate correctly.
  • nedmanjo
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    I really appreciate the effort. Thanks!
  • Jeff7@
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    I'm having the same issue 1/20/22.   Tried adjusting the cash balance.  when I download, it automatically adds the cash back in.
  • Still not fixed. No changes that I can see.
  • Any ETA on this? This is affecting some forecasts that I am trying to do; and seems to be affecting other people also...
  • mwcoblentz
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    I am having the same problem. I can manually adjust the cash balance, but it reverts after the next update. 1/24/2022
  • pmarker
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    I did a test this morning. I created a new Quicken File and only added Fidelity Netbenefits Accounts which I have 4. When the data downloaded the total amount for each account matched what Fidelity showed exactly with no Cash Balance. I also did an update just to see if a cash balance would be added and it did not. Early in this discussion I believe JustAnotherSoul original contacted Quicken and they said it was a Fidelity issue. I believe you also contacted Fidelity which they said they would fix. After my testing today I do not think this is a Fidelity issue.
  • I would try refreshing again, and in an additional day. It seems to show the full balance in cash also, thereby doubling the amount in the account.... But sometimes not at the initial stage.