Release 36.54

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On updating this morning, Quicken made me re-establish links to ALL my online accounts (Window version of Quicken Premier). I was very careful to link them to existing accounts, but the "new" download items in those linked accounts went back for months, and all the balances were all messed up. On investigation, I found transactions were missing for more than a month. Because I recently spent hours verifying and reconciling all accounts and holdings, I was not happy. I restored a saved backup, which helped some, but it has still taken me 3 hours to restore my accounts - and I am still off a big amount in my investment account. I have used Quicken for more than 20 years, and it has been at least 15 of those since I had such a mess. NOT GOOD!


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    PS I am a Schwab account holder who had to go through the account changes a few weeks ago. I had no problems after the hassle - until the "fix" came in the form of Release 36.54. Now Schwab accounts are still all out of whack.
  • Still having a problem with one of my Schwab accounts, too.
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