Feature request: when setting up Quicken desktop app on new machine, allow sync with Quicken for web


I just purchased a new Mac. When I install Quicken desktop app and launch it for the first time, I am asked if I would like to start from scratch or from a backup file. My request is that this initial launch screen include a new option which says something like -- "Sync with your Quicken for web account"

I may be missing something, but when I contacted Quicken support to ask about this, I was directed to make a backup file from my old computer, bring that backup file to my new computer, and when I turn on Quicken web sync from Quicken desktop app on my new computer, an entirely new cloud file will be created in Quicken web. So I will now have two Quicken web cloud files that are duplicates of each other. Why should it work this way?

I had been expecting this would be more like installing an email app on my new computer, where I simply connect to my email messages already stored in the cloud.
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  • jacobs
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    If you have previously synced your Quicken Mac data to Quicken Cloud, that is not a complete copy of all your data. That is why it cannot be used to start a new data file -- users would lose data, perhaps without realizing it.
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