Auto-enter Bills/Reminders not entering automatically - what has changed?

My auto-enter bills & reminders do not enter automatically; I have to tell them to "enter" from the Manage Bills & Income page... what changed that I need to correct? Thank you


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    What interval do these reminders use? Monthly? Other?
    How many days in advance are these reminders set to be auto-entered? Monthly: more than 28 days? Other interval: More than the duration of 1 interval?
  • MaryEason
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    Most are 25 days since I read somewhere that 30 days was too long, so I reduced them to 25. All my reminders/bills used to be 28 days ahead, but I reduced them to 25 since the 28 day ones were not auto entering either... it is quite frustrating for me as it used to work perfectly. I'm not sure what you mean by 'the duration of 1 interval'? Thanks for your help...
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    MaryEason said:
    Most are 25 days since I read somewhere that 30 days was too long, so I reduced them to 25. All my reminders/bills used to be 28 days ahead, but I reduced them to 25 since the 28 day ones were not auto entering either... it is quite frustrating for me as it used to work perfectly. I'm not sure what you mean by 'the duration of 1 interval'? Thanks for your help...
    Hello MaryEason,

    I know that this bill reminder issue is a little confusing. Where do you usually schedule your bill reminders from, the register or in the Bills Dashboard?


    Quicken Jared 
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    Thanks, Jared, for your response - I set them up in the Bills and Income Reminders tab, at the bottom of the register screen. The reminders I only want entered into the register, to project cash flow, I set up as automatic entry 30 days ahead. Up until recently, this worked great and I never had to intervene. Not sure what changed, but I am guessing the new Bills & Income dashboard is somehow related? The auto-entries that now show up at the bottom of the register are an Orange color vs the Blue color in the Bills and Income Reminders. I attached a pic... Thanks so much for your time! Also, the orange entries I have to enter manually; they do not enter automatically any longer - sorry, forgot to mention that...
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    Also, the orange entries I have to enter manually; they do not enter automatically any longer - sorry, forgot to mention that... (tried to delete this - can't figure it out - geez! sorry)
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    Seeing similar behavior on one specific transfer reminder that I have set to auto-enter 3 days ahead of the date. I've tried deleting and recreating it, repaired my quicken file, and all to no avail.

    When I then go to manually enter the transaction, I'm asked if the transaction dated xxxx is the same, which it is not, so I'm guessing there is something getting in the way of the auto-entering.
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    Has a fix been made for this issue? I too have multiple bills set up on Auto-Enter. Most have only a 7 - 10 day advance date. They have not been entered automatically for a couple of months now and it is causing problems. As noted by MaryEason, these bills are showing in the Bills and Income Reminder Tab on the Register, but they require an action on my part to get them to enter into the Register, instead of appearing automatically as they are supposed to.
    I am using Quicken Deluxe, Windows 10 Home, Version: R37.25, Build:
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    I have the same issue.
    Quicken subscription for Home, Business & Rental Property R36.57 Build On Windows Home.

    And it's interesting to note that some transactions auto-enter and some do not.
  • MaryEason
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    I am now on my 4th technical support person and it is clear to me that none of them even understand what the auto-enter is all about - many hours later, I guess I will just have to remember to enter the auto-enter transactions manually ... this has been so very frustrating as one of the solutions completely screwed up my register by resending 23 transfers between accounts that had already processed in Nov and Dec... it's a good thing we have plenty of pad in those accounts or it would have been a messier nightmare than it already was. I love Quicken, but sometimes am so exasperated at the lack of testing of new versions and the resulting bugs that take months to "fix" if ever... sigh... you can tell it's been a long day of hours-long chats with customer service. And it's never their fault, they just have to deal with it and obviously are not completely trained on all the features. Good luck to you all!
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    I am having the same issues. This has been happening for several months, but I just got around to checking the community about it. There are posts going back to September 2020 about these issues, so I am not hopeful that Quicken plans on doing anything about it. For the record, though, some of my income/expense reminders that are set to auto-enter work, and some do not. I have tried deleting and reentering and changing the number of days in advance to post without any success. For the transactions that don't post automatically, they appear in the Bill and Income Reminders tab at the bottom of the register. I cannot enter them manually in the register. I have to edit the transaction in the Manage Bill and Income Reminders and change from auto entry to remind only. If the transaction is downloaded to the register, it is identified as a new transaction. If I accept it, it will ask me if this is the same transaction as the one that was supposed to be auto entered. Ig I say yes, it updates the reminder and removes it from the Bill and Reminders tab at the bottom of the register (until the next due date rolls around). I have been using Quicken since the early 1990s and am using the Premier subscription, Windows 10 Home, Version R37.66, Build Thank you.
  • MaryEason
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    I think I have possibly narrowed down the reason some transactions auto-enter into the register and some do not. I use 'reminders' as placeholders in my register to determine cash flow over time (which I'm not sure those younger than me - the programmers - probably understand). What I am noticing is that only those "budget items", as I call them, do not auto-enter, but the actual payments do auto-enter. So what I am thinking is that if the Payee (which is a fake name/placeholder for me) for the reminder does not have a payment address set up in the Memorized Payee List, it does not auto-enter; if there is a payment address set up, the payment enters automatically (thank goodness or I would be really screwed up). Any thoughts, Quicken folks or Quicken Community? Can you PLEASE FIX THIS FOR US, Quicken team? This only began, for me, back in November, 2021. Thank you -
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    The auto entry of upcoming monthly bills has stopped working for me also. I have 10 bills that I enter each month (they don't change the amount) on a particular day. They use to show up in my register and would clear when I updated my bank transactions. They use to show up in my register on the due date (I have a 0 day offset). Now they just show as overdue in the bills and income page and I can't clear them. Looks like this has been an ongoing problem. I don't see any answers that work. This needs to be fixed.
  • MaryEason
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    Does anyone have experience with Quicken's reaction, or maybe inaction, based on problems as described in the Quicken Community? Do they monitor these? Would we ever know if someone is looking into this issue for us? It seems futile, if there is a problem and no one knows a solution in the Community, if Quicken Technical support does not at least read these and respond. Just wondering so I can manage my expectations that this dilemma will be corrected at some point - thanks
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    I feel that they either don't understand or don't care. They've changed functionality that some of us have used as a major part or our financial management. I have all my regular transactions scheduled to automatically enter 45 days in advance into account registers, therefore estimating my future balance in each account. This used to work perfectly, for I think around 20 years! I don't want reminders in a calendar. 100% of my regular bills and income are automatic- I don't have to be reminded that they are going to happen. When I know my future balance ahead of time, and can see it right in my register, I can proactively either transfer funds in or out as needed. Now I have to go to the bill/income reminders and manually enter each transaction. It's just added work that the program previously did for me. If there's a "new" way to have this happen automatically, I wish that the Quicken folks would educate us all.
  • MaryEason
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    rebvb - EXACTLY! You use Quicken the same way I have for at least 20 years, if not more... how one can NOT pay attention to the future cash flow based on upcoming income and expenses is beyond me. I don't think the programmers have a clue how to manage money so it is not important to them (the same thing happened several years ago when they removed the sort by Cleared/Reconciled column - totally screwed up the balances - they fixed it within a week! I blame the education system - ha!). Regardless, I appreciate your comments as I use Quicken exactly the same way and it used to work perfectly - I do not need reminders, I do not need anything - I just need the bills to automatically enter into the register the number of days ahead I have indicated in the set-up, for the exact reason of managing cash flow. Thanks for taking the time to write another comment - maybe someone in the Quicken world will answer eventually! Take care -