Enable data conversion from Quicken Mac to Quicken Windows without massive data loss

When Apple abandoned the Intel chip in favor of its new M1 chip a year ago, a lot of people running Quicken for Windows on the Mac were out of luck. Parallels Desktop (Windows virtual machine) wouldn't run on the new M1 Macs. I'm a 15-year-plus Quicken for Windows user who was forced to switch to Quicken for Mac at that time when I replaced my MacBook with a new M1-based model.

Converting the data file from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac worked okay, although Quicken for Mac is less flexible and less capable (e.g., you can't quickly search all your accounts for a transaction, the search box only lets you search one account at a time.)
Parallels introduced an M1 version half a year ago or so that will run Windows.

Unfortunately, according to other users on the Quicken Mac forum who have tried it, converting your data file from Quicken Mac to Quicken Windows wipes out all your investment data. This make it effectively impossible. (See nhttps://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20225254#Comment_20225254)

There must be thousands of people a year who for one reason or another want to switch from Quicken Mac to Quicken Windows. For the sake of these loyal Quicken users, please, please give us the ability to convert to Windows without wiping out years of data!
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  • Greyson
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    is there a decent MAC version out there yet? I'm tired of carrying two computers around
  • Chris_QPW
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    For what it is worth, having this feature is more valuable than just for converting from Mac to Windows.  This limitation is in the Quicken Windows QFX import, but not its export.  If you look at the Quicken Mac threads you will find that one of the ways they suggest cleaning up a corrupted data file is try exporting it in QFX format and then importing it back into a new data file.  The very fact that it has to put it out in what is a simpler format lets it work as a way to clean up the data as a “last resort.  The same would apply to Quicken Windows.

    Note I don’t hold out much hope for this because this has been suggested many times in the pasted for this very reason, even before there was a fair amount of Mac users and wanted to changed back to Windows.
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    So, no hope to convert Quicken Mac to Quicekn Windows as far as investment accounts? Sucks, I used to have a Quicken Windows file years ago but just bought an HP laptop to do my job on and wanted to convert my Quicken Mac file and can't afford to to lose 20 years of investment data including 401K, Roth IRA, etc.