How to change transaction group status to 'Auto' so it posts automatically

In Tools/Bill and Income Reminders, two of my groups have a status of 'Upcoming' with '3 days before' and the rest have a status of 'Auto' with '0 days before'. The 'Auto' groups appear in the register automatically, but the 'Upcoming' do not, and I have to enter them manually. I want them all to be 'Auto' but I don't see a way to change the status.

They all used to have a status of Auto/0 days before, but after an update, two groups disappeared so I re-created them. They then appeared with a status of 'Upcoming'/3 days before. I didn't see an option to specify the status or number of days when I set up the groups. The two 'Upcoming' groups have a frequency of monthly.

How do I get these two groups to automatically appear in the register the day they are due?


  • Tom Young
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    The "Upcoming" items are not reminders.  Those are bills that Quicken thinks could be reminders; basically they're suggestions.  If you want the items listed to become reminders then you need to change them into reminders.  You highlight an item and way over to the right click on "Yes."  That allows you to set up the reminder.
    I typically set  up all my reminders to automatically enter the register "X" number of days before they are actually due.  The reminder makes the entry using the pay date you've established when you set up the reminder.  Having transactions entered in advance has significant utility; you can see upcoming payments in the register and plan accordingly.
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    "Remind me 3 days in advance" is the default for new reminders.
    To change each of those reminders, go into "Edit this reminder and all instances".
    Under Optional Settings (see image below, you may have to click the triangle to the left of it to see the options) click the blue text "(change)" to go from Remind me to Automatically enter.

  • mshiggins
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    The ability to set transaction groups to auto enter disappeared when they last redesigned bill reminders. I believe that was in 2009. 
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