Can't find this property to get Zestimate

I have Quicken Premier for Windows version R36.57 build with an active subscription. When I try to get the Zestimate on my home for its current valuation via the "Property Valuation" form where it says "Let us help you find value to your property", I get the error "Sorry, could not find this property in Zillow." But this property exists on and I'm using the exact same address string.
I've tried deleting and re-adding the account in Quicken but that didn't make any difference.


  • Phil in Lorain
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    edited December 2021
    I've been experiencing the same issue for several months. Started back in August. Used to work prior to August. It was nice when it was automated by Quicken.

    Now I go to, look up my property value, then manually update Quicken.
  • UKR
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    ISTR a similar discussion where a property couldn't be found in one Zip code or location name because, for some reason, it was listed under a different location. Could this be your problem?
  • Boatnmaniac
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    There was an issue last winter that sounds similar to this one.  What seemed to work for most was entering only part of the total address, such as 5813 Emerson instead of 5813 Emerson Ave S or entering the zip code but not the city or entering the name of the city but not the zip code.  There were some that said doing this did not work for them.  You might want to try doing that.  Here is that post thread if you want to read it:
    (QW Premier Subscription: R37.66 on Windows 10)
  • Jerry M
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    My address is xxxx East XXXXXX Road. On Zillow I have to use XXXX XXXXX Road East.
  • ThomNotTom
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    Thanks @"Phil in Lorain" I'm hoping Quicken can actually resolve the issue so that I don't have to do manual updates.
  • ThomNotTom
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    @UKR thanks for the suggestion, but I think I've tried every permutation of including and omitting the various components of the address: house number, street name, street name suffix, street type, city, state, and zip. But nothing works.
  • ThomNotTom
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    Good tip @Boatnmaniac but I seem to be one of those for whom this doesn't help. I've tried every permutation of including and omitting the various components of the address but nothing works.
  • ThomNotTom
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    Thanks @Jerry M but my address has neither a prefix (e.g. "E Main") nor a suffix (e.g. "Main E"). So unfortunately this doesn't help in my case.
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