Keyboard command to toggle QuickFill rule checkbox when entering transactions

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When entering transactions, everything can be done from the keyboard, from creating a new transaction to tabbing through the various fields, selecting choices from drop-down menus, and saving the transaction. But there's one thing which can't be done without taking your hand from the keyboard and using the mouse: if you need to select or deselect the checkbox for creating a QuickFill rule.
It would be great to be able to toggle that checkbox with a keyboard command, so the entire transaction entry could be completed from the keyboard. 

I have the global preference for QuickFill rules set to "on", but sometimes when I'm entering a transaction, I don't want to create a QuickFill rule for that specific transaction, and it's annoying to have to stop typing to click on that checkbox. Often I unintentionally go past it, creating a QuickFill rule I didn't want; then I have to open Window > Payees & Rules > QuickFill Rules, find it, and delete it. Conversely, some users have the global preference for QuickFill rules set to "off", but sometimes want to record a transaction as a rule.

Adding a keyboard command to toggle the QuickFill rule checkbox between on and off would be quite helpful.
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