Duplicate credit card payment entries with Amex and Bank of America

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In searching this forum, I've seen several discussions of duplicate transactions and CC payments showing up in the register, but nothing that has these characteristics.

So, here goes: My problem is primarily with Amex payments, but happens periodically with Bank of America credit card also. Here are the steps:

1. I pay my Amex bill on-line on the Bank of America website.
2. The next Quicken sync, it downloads the payment transaction into the register. I set the category to transfer to the CC account, which creates an entry in its register.
3. After the transaction clears at Bank of America, on the next sync, a second transaction downloads.
4. I attempt to delete the original entry, but it will not permit it since it believes that the transaction is still active. So, I delete the new one.

A pain, but manageable. It's been doing this for a year or so.

Where it gets troubling is the other day after a sync, I noticed that my balance was significantly off from the on-line amount. After investigating, it turns out ALL of my previous duplicate payments to Amex reappeared. So, I went through the steps to again delete the duplicates. Obviously, if duplicates can appear "in the past", how can I trust my register?

I'm running Quicken for Mac Version 6.4.5 (Build 604.41859.100)


  • Hello, @gregorycharles.

    Thank you for taking the time to report your issue to us here in the Community, though I apologize for the trouble. If I am understanding you correctly, you receive a downloaded transaction when you initially make the payment, set its category to a transfer to your CC, and then later you receive an additional download from the bank again with the same information at a later date once the transaction clears. Am I correct in my summary? 

    I'm sorry to hear that you are dealing with this issue and I could see how this could get very frustrating. In order to help us better understand the issue at hand, could you please elaborate further on this error? 
    • Which account(s) are the duplicate transactions located in? (CC account/Checking account/Both?)
    • Do these transactions have the same FITIDs? This is a number that Quicken uses to determine what transactions to download and which transactions have already been downloaded - you may check this by going to Columns in the lower righthand side of your register and checking the box next to FITID - If the transactions are being sent to us with two different FITIDs then the program won't realize your transaction has already been downloaded. 
    • What exactly does the message not permitting you to delete the first transaction say? (If possible, could you please include a screenshot of the message?)
    These answers will help us to diagnose the issue and work toward a resolution. Once you have this additional information, please reach back out so that we may continue troubleshooting this error. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

    -Quicken September
  • Thank you for your reply.

    The account that contains the duplicate transaction entries is my checking account. it doesn't show up in the CC register, I suspect, due to the fact there isn't a entry to be had until the transaction clears.

    The message that occurs with the original entry is something like: "Can not delete as transaction hasn't completed."

    Right now, my register is OK, so I can't check the FITIDs or give you a screenshot. This issue is very intermittent. When it occurs again, I'll update the discussion.

    Again, thanks!
  • UPDATE: I took a minute and browsed through the FITIDs and noticed that one of the duplicates had NO FITID. I just found another duplicate with Barclay bank CC. The most recent entry doesn't have a FITID.

    So, it appears that transactions are periodically synchronizing without a FITID, which I'd image could cause this issue.

    It's also important to note that I've now seen this with 3 different credit card companies.
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