Citibank -"Add Account" required on every one step update

Every time I use "one step update" I am requested to "Add Account" for Citibank accounts. When I go through the required steps (for accounts already registered) the one step completes, but the same message occurs the next time. I have tried to dectivate, reactivate and reset the accounts, but this problem will not clear up.


  • Quicken Jade
    Quicken Jade Moderator mod
    Hi @Wongchiho, I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing this issue. I would recommend checking your hidden accounts to make sure all of your Citibank accounts are deactivated. You can do this by going to Tools > Account List > Checking "Show hidden accounts" at the bottom left corner. There may be inactive or closed accounts that need to be deactivated. 
    - Quicken Jade
  • pbarry
    pbarry Member
    Tried that and it still does not work. I deactivated the closed accounts and have now also deleted them. Now when I "add the account" again it says Add to pin vault but you can't because it is greyed out. Occasionally the account syncs but 95% of the time it does not.
  • I am having the same issue with a Discover account. Even when I'm updating an account with a different bank, that window pops up. I can click "Cancel" and my download will proceed fine.
  • That recommendation did not work. Even with all 3 of my Citi accounts deactivated and no other hidden accounts activated the problem still occurs. As with Cindy R., the download proceeds if I cancel the "Add Account" step
  • Quicken Jade
    Quicken Jade Moderator mod
    Hello @Wongchiho, I'm sorry that the above recommendation did not resolve your issue and you're still experiencing this. You can continue to just cancel out of this window however to get it to stop coming up I would try making a copy of your file. Here are the steps to do that,
    However, one thing to keep in mind is creating a copy will automatically deactivate all of your accounts in Quicken. This should get the add account pop-up to go away but you'll also have to relink all of your accounts. I apologize again for this inconvenience, let me know if this helps, thanks!
    - Quicken, Jade
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