Green line between current and future transactions

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How can I get the green line back that separates current and future transactions. This happened after last upgrade. I was talking to the help desk, but we got cut off and never got back on the line.


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    I'm running Quicken Mac 6.5.0 with Big Sur.  My green line is there for all accounts.  

    Make sure:

    1 Your register is using DATE as the sort order of the register.  A little carat (triangle) should be in the Date column.  Other column sorts do not have the green line.

    2 You have transactions past today's date in the register.  If you have no future transactions, you won't see a green line.

    Let me know if this resolves your issue. 
  • Hi @Baker21 ,

    Thank you for contacting the community, we are sorry that you are experiencing this. I suggest following @garysmith87's comment above to see if the green line that you are referring to appears. 

    We look forward to hearing your response on whether this has solved your issue or not so we can continue troubleshooting if needed. 

    Thank you, 
    Quicken Jasmine

  • solved one problem but won't reconcile.
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