Make bill & Income reminders display adjustable in investment register

Please make the display of bill and income reminders adjustable when sharing the window with investment register transactions.  Currently the display is "all or nothing", which wipes out the display of investment transactions to only 2 transactions when there is a large number of reminders.  Please make the dividing line between the reminders and the register adjustable so that the number of reminders and investment transactions displayed can be controlled.

Deluxe R44.20, Windows 10 Pro
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  • UKR
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    How tall is your Quicken window? Is it as tall as the screen allows?
    How big is your monitor? What is the screen resolution?
    Are you using "View / Use large fonts"?
    Are you using Windows Display options to "make text larger" exceeding 125% magnification?
    Can you show us an image snapshot of your entire Quicken window to give us an idea what your screen looks like?
    BTW, have you tried switching to "full screen" using the F11 function key? That removes some menu bars and makes the register portion a little taller.
  • leishirsute
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    edited December 2021
    Here's a full screen shot.
    As you can see, the Quicken window is the full length of the screen and only 3 investment transactions display when the Bill & Income Reminders tab is selected.  The dividing bar needs to be adjustable.

    F11 did help. More transactions were displayed.
    Deluxe R44.20, Windows 10 Pro
  • UKR
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    Thanks for the image. You're right. That's something the programmers need to take a closer look at.