am I the only one still having problems downloading from Schwab?

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Most things are finally working, except for bonds: Quicken doesn't see them so it offers to create placeholders, won't see purchases or redemptions, and is unable to update prices. Curiously, it sometimes recognizes income. Problem also exists for preferred stock and other fixed-income investment.


  • RosemaryK
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    We're still having problems downloading stock accounts. [Removed - Unhelpful]
  • gbggrant
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    I can't even link my accounts to Schwab anymore. They were linked before, but now when I try I get an error: "Sorry: we encountered an error: (it's not your fault)" - that's great, but it's been like that for at least a week.
  • dryfork
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    I need to have a decent year end statement. Current problems prevent this. My idea is to delete every Schwab transaction from all of my CS accounts after November 19, day things went off the rails, and re-enter them manually from CS November and December Statements. Anyone got a clue if I do this and then do a one-step update on first financial day of 2022 it will wipe out all that work?
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    There have been several Quicken updates to address various Schwab issues… 
    In any postings, please include what version you are running …. 
      Help —> About Quicken 
    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • gbggrant
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    Version: R36.57
    Build: 27.136.57

    For my Schwab One Account:
    Set up Download:
    "Sign in to connect your accunts to Quicken"
    Note that it lists the institution as "zzz-Charles Schwab & Co., Inc." (which is kind of odd?)
    I entered User Name, Password, and Account Number.
    I click "Connect"
    Very quick response:
    "Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault.)
    I chose to cancel as I've repeated this many times already.
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