Platform suggestions for Quicken Home & Business in a Mac family

Recommendations wanted for running Quicken Home & Business so that my wife and I both can access it (not at the same time). We each have MacBook Pros. Due to her business, Windows is required because there is no Mac version of Quicken H&B.

Currently we run Quicken H&B on an old homebuilt 2015 PC running Windows 10. Quicken on this PC is verrrrry slow, and we no longer use the PC for anything else. We access Quicken either directly on the slow PC or via Microsoft Remote Desktop (which reveals some interesting old artifacts in the Quicken code, but that's a story for another day).

I have Windows on VMWare on my work Mac, but neither of us have personal licenses of VMWare (or other product like Parallels) nor of Windows on our personal MacBook Pros.

Here are some ideas:
1. Upgrade the PC to a modern CPU and motherboard, and continue to run it on this PC. Then I can upgrade to Windows 11, too. Maybe we’ll find other uses for Windows. (Chess?)
2. Buy a cheap Windows PC or laptop to run Quicken H&B on, and we pass the laptop back and forth as needed.
3. Somehow share an instance of Quicken running on Windows on some virtualization product that we each access from our Macs. We would need to coordinate to ensure we don’t both use Quicken at the same time. This idea is probably just as expensive as upgrading the old PC because of the cost of Windows and VMWare/Parallels/whatever licenses.

Other suggestions are welcome! Thanks for your time and ideas!
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