When will Pennymac mortgage loan connections start working?

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:/ I purchased Quicken Deluxe looking for a more flexible alternative to Mint and Personal Capital. However, it cannot connect to some of my financial institutions, including the new Wayfair citi mastercard service (it isn't in the list of supported financial institutions), and the Pennymac mortgage service (it is, but it repeatedly asks for SMS verification codes until it fails with an "oops" error). I have seen reports that pennymac connections have been broken in Quicken for a while now, so I'm wondering when that will be fixed, or if I should give up and cancel the subscription. I can't understand how its other (free!) product, Mint, can connect fine with all my accounts, but Intuit can't make their flagship product work with the same services.


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    FWIW, Intuit hasn't owned Quicken in quite a few years. Their flagship product is QuickBooks.
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