Random investment transaction in account list

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On my Schwab account a random sale of PG&E is now showing up in the total of the "account list". It is not in the Portfolio report or investing screen. It is showing up as of 12/10/19 when there was no position in the security. It is the same amount as a sale back in 1996. So, the account list balance is now short by this sale amount. What happened? Everything was working fine recently until now.
I will go back and see if I can determine when it occurred by looking at some backup files


  • isaaccheng8
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    1. Disable Simple Investing. Go to Edit > Prefs > Investment transactions
    2. Delete the transactions generated from Simple Investing. These include the "random sale of PG&E" and the corresponding buy/add transaction that you did not perform with Schwab.
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