Quicken 2019 activation key is expired.

Jon W
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I am trying to install a never-used copy of Quicken Deluze 2019. When I entered the activation key included in the CD case, it told me "this activation key is expired."


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    this has been discussed in several other threads....
    How long ago did you purchase this retail copy ? .... from Where ?

    Look at the Activation Card as shown in this link and the very tiny print at the bottom - is there an Expiration Date ?

    QWin Deluxe Subscription - Win10
  • Jon W
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    I bough it around two years ago, if I recall right, probably from Staples. Yes, there is an expiration date in the fine print. Does this mean I have to purchase a new activation key, in addition to paying another fifty bucks every year to keep using Quicken?
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    You don't have to pay $50 every year to use Q.  You just need to pay that amount to continue to download AND to avoid the Nag screen (approx 1/4 of your total display) that tells you that your subscription is expired.
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