Capital One Download Still Broken for Months. Getting CC-501

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It is now January 222 and there is still no solution to the problem of being unable to download Capital One account transactions into Quicken. I've used Quicken since the very first edition, and I'm very frustrated that Quicken just keeps saying they are working on it ... but won't even post an ETA. [Removed - Speculation]

Please, Quicken, fix this problem.


  • Carol
    Carol Member ✭✭
    Should have proofread before posting. Should say "It is now January 2022"...
  • I too have been a Quicken user from the beginning with an old DOS version. This Capital One issue is taking way too long to resolve!
  • Camlin
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    same problem. I also have the same problem with Barclays Online Banking.
  • Irv Spalten
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    Yeah, worse for me, I keep trying, and I 'authorize' the account and get email it IS authorized. Note the error when it comes back says 'DO NOT CONTACT CAPITAL ONE'...

    [Removed - Speculation] Too long with no progress or ETA.
  • 727Richard
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    [Removed - Rant]
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