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OMG, Quicken is missing the forest through the trees. I have been a Quicken "windows" user for 20+ years and I most recently have transitioned my laptop to an Apple Macbook Air. My assumption was that I could get a copy of Quicken for Mac and do all that I do on my Windows desktop version, i.e. syncing accounts, using the Planning feature which is priceless, If/then analysis, etc. As I worked with Quicken support today which was after I purchased another copy of Quicken Deluxe for the Mac, I was told that the same feature functionality Quicken has for Windows is dramatically "dwarfed" for Mac! All I can say is that Quicken you have made a HUGE mistake in not replicating the same feature functionality available for the Quicken Windows platform to Apple Mac. An amazing value to your product is the ability to do "if/then" analysis in terms of making financial decisions in one's lifetime. I would tell you that using this feature, which is only available on the Windows platform, has saved me hundreds of thousands of dollars across my anticipated lifetime. Having the ability to see via charts, graphs and real numbers the implications of retiring on a certain date, postponing or not Social Security benefits to a later date, getting a new vehicle in a particular year or not, gifting money now vs later, etc. provides invaluable insight to one's ability to ensure they have enough money to last through the end of their days. I would expect that if these features were available on Apple platforms you would garner thousands if not millions of more customers. PLEASE consider upgrading the feature functionality and tools for Apple technology! You are missing a significant potential customer base by not having this available.
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    @Meigan First, I just want to be clear, is your feature request for the Lifetime Planner feature from Quicken Windows to be implemented on Quicken Mac? If so, you are certainly not the only former Quicken Windows user to want this. You can see the Idea thread for this topic by clicking here, and you should add your vote by clicking the little black arrow under the vote counter in the yellow box.

    As for why this doesn't yet exist in the Mac version of Quicken, the short answer is that they just haven't gotten around to building it yet. Quicken is a complicated program, and adding features takes a lot of time — and the small development team can only tackle a limited number of new feature requests at a time. The old, original version of Quicken for the Mac had to be re-coded completely from scratch  over a decade ago due to substantial changes in the Mac operating system. There were a few unfortunate wrong turns, dead ends and pauses in those early years when Quicken was still owned by Intuit. The modern version of Quicken Mac debuted in 2014, and the developers have been working on adding features to it month by month, year by year. Quicken Mac is significantly improved over the past 7 years, and there's no reason to think it won't continue to get better and add more features.

    The problem is that there are about 500 feature ideas users have submitted to the developers, and they can only address a small percentage of them each year. The developers try to take into account which features will have the greatest impact on the greatest number of users. But that's no easy task, because if you ask 100 Quicken Mac users what their top need/hope/wish is for Quicken Mac, you'll probably get 50 different answers! So all we can say about Lifetime Planner is that there are a significant number of users who have voted for it, but it hasn't yet risen to the top if the developers' to-do list. More votes for the idea can help influence their decisions which things to prioritize over others. 
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