Payments keep "Failing"

I never had this issue in the many years using this program. I keep getting payment failed messages on multiple accounts. Says biller website may be down or account may be locked. Yet I have no issue getting in. This new payment system is flawed and doesn't not work consistently. Obviously biller websites are getting more secure. Seriously it cannot try again if it fails once? If I am away I will have a late payment and not even know it. This is getting ridiculous and making this program worthless if I cannot depend on it to send payments on time. The old way of sending electronic payments and NOT using the biller website to pay was MUCH better and more reliable. I don't see this getting any better as biller websites are getting more secure every day. :#


  • Sherlock
    Sherlock SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    You're right.  Quicken Bill Pay was better than Quick Pay at issuing online payments.  Unfortunately, Metavante decided that they would no longer provide Quicken Bill Pay.  

    If you would like to issue online payments from within Quicken, you may want to consider using the online bill payment service provided over the Direct Connect connection method supported by over 500 financial institutions.  Otherwise, I suggest you consider setting the payments up at the online billers web site or using the online bill payment services of one if your financial institutions.