Net worth report problems

There is a problem with the "Net Worth" graph that can be added to the Home dashboard. (Once added, its title is "Net Worth by Assets and Liabilities" (and it is the only "Net Worth" option that can be added to a dashboard.)

When customizing the filters for this within the gear settings, those customizations don't "stick." i.e. if you make changes within the four tabs and then switch among the tabs, your selections don't remain. They are also reset if you save your changes and then go back in to edit them again. More specifically, the problem is much easier to notice when switching between the "all/any" and the "specific" radio options at the top of each of the four tabs. It's also not consistent (or "sticky") when selecting the checkmark at the bottom to "Show" hidden (account/category/tag/security) across the tabs.

Can anyone else confirm they can reproduce this problem?

This is NOT simply a UI issue, as the selection changes also cause data to be drastically changed in the report output, since many categories are automatically de-selected when choosing the Category option "Include transactions with any category" (although you can't actually tell this is happening, since the category list disappears once the "any" radio option is selected.

This has caused me to think I've had a data corruption problem for months now and multiple file validates and super-validates later, I continued to look in the wrong place for a resolution to this.

Has a bug been filed for this problem?


  • naugelli
    naugelli Member ✭✭
    i have problems with net worth report showing negative balances in some accounts.
  • mpmango1
    mpmango1 Member ✭✭
    > @naugelli said:
    > i have problems with net worth report showing negative balances in some accounts.

    I do as well -- sometimes even on closed accounts that have zero balances in the register for years.

    It's unacceptable to carefully invest time and energy into using financial software for many years, purposely to collect data for planning purposes, and not be able to 100% rely on the accuracy of reporting that will affect my livelihood into retirement.