Upgrade to 37.66 Lost Vault Passwords

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After the update I could not run One Step update because all the passwords for the accounts were missing. I could not add the passwords because the Vault didn't show the accounts or the passwords.


  • splasher
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    You didn't possibly make a copy of your data file (using Quicken, not Windows Explorer) and are looking at the copy, are you?
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  • 100Pennies
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    No, I did not use a copy.

    I simply did a One Step Update after which I lost all the passwords in the Vault and I lost access to the transactions in two of my accounts.

    As of today, January 6th, I made a backup and will restore Quicken with a fresh download. I hope it works.
  • 100Pennies
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    The reload of Quicken did not correct the problem.

    However, I did find a workaround. Within an account window, run "Update Transaction" (found by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the window). By doing this I was able to enter the password and have it saved within the vault. Did this for each account and it once again established the vault which I was able to open.

    By the way - I also had three of my brokerage accounts came up with different Action Icon (gear looking icon in upper right corner) menus. Most importantly, the Update Transactions menu item was missing. Incidentally, these accounts had the Tracking Method (in the Account Details screen) changed from Complete to Simple. Manually changing it back to Complete once again showed the transactions.

    Not a good update experience.
  • lkrudy41
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    Same problem with password vault, no brokerage accounts listed and unable to add any after updating Quicken version
  • eeh0615
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    Same issue too, did the workaround and it downloaded 2 years of transacations
  • 100Pennies
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    Now I get One Step to run and it says all the accounts finished without errors. Yet, I do not get the transactions downloaded. This is a mess!!!!!
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