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I currently use Quicken Deluxe & let the subscription lapse. I upgraded & purchased Premier. For whatever reason I was directed as if I was a new customer. Now when I try to sign on,it won't let me because it says that my subscription has expired and it won't let me do anything unless I renew. Do I have to trash the original Deluxe version & reload? What are the steps to get up and running?


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    Did you use the same email address and password to purchased Premier? In any case, have you tried opening the Quicken app and clicking Sign Out from the Quicken menu and then sign in with the current credentials (it sounds like you may have already done this).

    Have you gone to on the web and signed in there (with the current credentials)? You should see a Subscriptions block there. When you click that, you should see your current Premier subscription. If you do, then go back and click the Access Your Apps block and re-download the QMac app and reinstall.

    If you don't see your Premier subscription under the Subscriptions block, you will need to contact Quicken Support (phone number on that same web page) to see why your account was not credited.

    Once your Premier subscription is showing as active, you should be able to Sign In in the Quicken app. You should be able to find your previous Quicken file in menu File > Open Recent if it does not open automatically. If not, the default location for the file is HardDrive > Users > (your username) > Library > Application Support > Quicken > Documents. If it was moved from the default location, you should be able to find it with a spotlight search for ".quicken". 
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