I find my Quicken in all kinds of disarray, so it begs the question, should I just reinstall it?

I have installed the premier version and it is up to date. Currently, I cannot get it to download my transactions from my Wells Fargo bank account. With the assistance of Wells Fargo Tech Support we cannot get it to download. WF support suggest that I consult with Quicken support for resolution and its like pulling teeth to get in contact with them. I am a 82 year old technically challenged person and need help badly.


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    As a Premier subscriber you have free access to Premium Support.  There is a different phone number to call than the general phone number for Quicken Support.  Supposedly if you call that Premium Support phone number your call is given priority over those who call in to the general support number.  You can find the Premium Support number by going to Help > My Quicken Account or by logging into your online Quicken.com account.  There will be a toll free number listed there to call.  Perhaps that will make your attempt to contact Quicken Support a little less stressful.
    (QW Premier Subscription: R42.21 on Windows 10)