Additional help with personal loan to my LLC

I am set up in H & B, personal and biz accounts in one file and I am NOT using the rental software that comes with it to track rent, leases, tenants, etc...I have other software for that, however, ALL my business transactions go through my business bank accounts and credit cards that are uploaded into Quicken so all the financial data is there.

As a 'workaround' to commingling my B & Pers accounts in one file, I created an asset (building I own) along with a category called Depreciation Expense and account called Accumulated Depreciation. Think this will work for my depreciation needs. However, I have confused myself on the capital that i lent the LLC for initial working capital. I created a Loan under 'Property & Debt' but i then started it with a 10,000 balance. I did this because I had already moved $10,000 to my Business Operation account from my personal account as a transfer. I am now paying myself back, easy enough, just transfer $ from business to personal account but i am stumped as to how to get the loan balance down. i can 'put in a payment' but what booked to what category. Something tells me that I set this up wrong from when i first transferred the $10k into the biz acct. I know this has been discussed before but if anyone is willing to help I would be most appreciative!