Year-end copy process caused Quicken to hang and become inoperative

I just completed some work related to month-end / year-end stuff, made a normal backup and then created a Year-end copy without removing any of the old records. Answered the question when the copy process completed to use the current file. Result: Quicken hangs or crashes, it will no longer work at all including trying to open in safe mode.

Spent 2 1/2 hours with tech support yesterday doing multiple iterations of clean, uninstall, reinstall, all without success. He finally had me create a new admin account on the computer, reinstall, and Quicken did fire up. Did a file validation of my previous backup file with no problem, ran an online update with no problem. Went back to my "normal" account, tried to run, Quicken hangs and will not start. At that point, my connection with tech support "dropped" and I wasn't called back. Just called today to try and continue the session from yesterday only to be told this must be a Windows problem since Quicken will work under the new account but not under my old account. [Removed - Profanity] Everything was working just fine right up until I ran the year-end copy process. Support wouldn't budge, wouldn't reconnect me with the guy I talked to yesterday, told me to call Windows.

I am not a happy camper. Any thoughts from anyone would be most appreciated. I've noted comments from many users in the past about various issues with the year-end process, perhaps this is another one.


  • I figured this out last night and it seems like an odd one. I recently set up a second monitor on my laptop although I don't use it all that much. But, apparently Quicken was looking for that second monitor. When I fired up Quicken, I could see on the task bar a small window that appeared to be asking for my Quicken password but that window didn't show up on the primary monitor.

    After further research on the web, I found another posting for something similar in terms of behavior which tied directly to the use of a second monitor. I turned the second monitor back on and Quicken came right up on the primary monitor but not the second. It did indeed ask for my Quicken password on the primary monitor and once that was entered, the program was working just fine.

    I don't understand it at all but I am happy things are working again.
  • What was especially perplexing is that I was not seeing this behavior from the new account I set up. On that account, Quicken came up and ran just fine, it was only on my original account that I was having this issue.
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