Schwab bond share eror

rbbaxter Member ✭✭
I got the Schwab connection working, but the bond shares reported and shares in Quicken are off by 2 orders of magnitude. Fore example, 100 shares in Quicken and 10,000 reported by Schwab. This is a new event. Not quite sue how to correct.


  • Airship56
    Airship56 Member ✭✭
    I'm having a similar problem. I have manually adjusted share numbers on bonds and mortgage-backed securities in Quicken so the reflected value matches Schwab but each time I update the shares data gets overwritten. It's quite a pain.
  • mjpcpa12
    mjpcpa12 Member
    I have a similar problem with options trades. Also, sometimes the Schwab register is incorrect. If I download the register from Schwab for several consecutive days I find that their entries have changed historically.
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