Quicken Losing Transactions After Automatic Software Updates

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Twice in the last two months Quicken has randomly deleted a reconciled transaction following a Quicken software update. Both time by cross referencing with a saved backup file, I was able to locate the missing transactions and re-enter them in my current file. That's a lot of aggravation and a lot of time wasted!

More background info: I enter all transactions manually and don't download transactions from online accounts. My Quicken files are located on a local desktop hard drive, and I don't sync data with any other devices. I've been using Quicken for 30 years and have never had this problem before. Is anyone else seeing this? If so, what did you do about it?


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    Same here. Like you, I've been using Quicken for 30 years, so I am not making a novice mistake.

    Scenario: I make monthly contributions to my kids' 529 plans. I record these as transfers in Quicken from the checking account to the 529 investment accounts, and then I enter Buy transactions in the 529 accounts. Last week, I reconciled my bank statements for all of 2021 (yeah, I know, my excuse is that I have two little kids and am ridiculously busy :-)), and they balanced out perfectly. This week, I entered the Buy transactions from my 529 account statements (they don't support downloads). When I was done, one of the 529 accounts in Quicken showed a negative cash balance. That's impossible, of course. I noticed that the negative amount was exactly 8 times the monthly transfer to that account. I then went to look in my checking account for those transactions, and they were missing. That's also impossible because the statement reconciled! I confirmed from my bank web site that the transfers took place. I then started a new Quicken reconcile in the checking account and confirmed that the "Previous Balance" is showed for the account was different than the closing balance shown on my most recent bank statement by exactly the amount of the missing 8 transfers to the 529 account.

    Conclusion: Quicken lost 8 transfers to the 529 account, deleting the transfer from both the source and destination accounts.

    This makes Quicken pretty close to useless. After 30 years, that is very sad.
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    @bjaspan. Thanks for your message. Did you get a Quicken update in between the time the accounts all balanced and when the transactions went missing? I don't know for a fact that the updates caused my problem, but it seems like a plausible explanation. Now when I get a warning from Quicken that it wants to install an update, I first run a simple account balances report immediately before and after so I can see if anything has changed following the update. Of course this shouldn't be necessary, but that's where we are when Quicken software can no longer be trusted.
  • This just happened to me too. After automatic upgrade from 6.4.something to 6.5.3 there was a brief message about "converting data" and then it came up with all transactions missing for the past 90 days!!! What the ???
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    Does Quicken automatically back up your data file before doing an update? I should have checked for this, but haven't worried about it until this problem turned up. If there is one, it would make sense to try to restore the backup file in the case where transactions disappeared after the update.
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