Reconcile mismatch

Buck Jr
Buck Jr Member
For the last few months when attempting to reconcile, the ending balance does not match the ending balance on my bank statement. I have been using the adjust feature but still cannot get the statement and the reconcile amounts to match from month to month. Any suggestions?


  • The Keeper
    The Keeper Member ✭✭✭✭
    The ending balance of your previous reconcile is the "prior balance" when you begin a reconcile for the next month. Are you checking to make sure the "prior balance" amount is correct -or- are you just assuming/accepting the default amount that appears in the "prior balance" window as the correct amount?
  • Bertie
    Bertie Member
    The beginning balance on my statement is 11/17/'21, The dates on my reconciliation statement on my computer go clear back to Jan 1, 2021. How can I get them to go back to just Nov. 17, '21?
  • Dianab
    Dianab Member
    I downloaded (my error) the entire last year 2021 into my quicken and my download went nuts. I now have $37,000 in the bank (which of course I do not.) Is there way to reverse all of that and go back to my previous balance? Or do I have to go thru each single download and remove the duplicates download which will take forever? I am sort of beside myself here just at that thought....
  • Buck Jr
    Buck Jr Member
    I used Prior balance and ending balance to mean the same thing. I can manually use my paper bank statement and have no issues. The prior balance on my bank statement always matches the ending balance from the previous month…the prior balance on my reconciliation page is always different, often way off. I cannot find any balance in my register that corresponds to it at any point. This problem did not begin until I went to the subscription based software.
  • Having this same issue right now. Did you ever resolve the problem?
  • Buck Jr
    Buck Jr Member
    No, I did not. And so far no one has been able to offer a viable solution…or a reason why it occurs. I have been using this program for 20+ years and it only started occurring in 2021. If I thought my data would transfer reliably to another financial software program I would cut my losses.
  • Carol Rigdon
    Carol Rigdon Member ✭✭
    I am having a reconcile issue that sounds similar, if not the same. and it is new. quicken is not pulling the correct statement balance when reconciling. In other words, the statement and my ending balance are in agreement, but quicken is using a different balance to reconcile as it is incorrectly NOT recognizing several transactions as being within the statement period. So that is problem #1. a second related issue is *IF* I wanted to change the statement period for a given reconcile, how would I do that exactly? I do not see a way to alter the reconcile dates.
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