Paycheck and Split Transactions - Transfers lost

I recently lost of bunch of paycheck and split transaction transfer detail (loans, etc.). The transfers still posted to the accounts but without the transfer info so they show up as uncategorized expenses/income, screwing up my books. I had to re-enter a lot of transactions to get 2021 back. The older data, many years, may just be lost. There were also a few other bill reminder anomalies that were time-consuming to fix.

Prior to the loss, I had enabled a more online/cloud features on my account, just to try them out. In searching the forums to find a fix/cause I saw a number of posts cautioning against this. I'm very interested in preventing this from ever happening again. One link I came across I'm very interested in, but I can't access it because I think the thread is archived.

Is it possible to make this thread available? I want to see the advice from SuperUsers on how to best avoid data corruption.

Thank you!


  • trbecker56
    trbecker56 Member
    Maybe I should ask the question another way. Anyone out there have recommendations for Quicken features/settings/practices that are best for keeping your data file healthy and trouble free?
  • Q97
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    To avoid data file corruptions, manually enter all transactions and don't set up your accounts for download. Seriously. It may seem inconvenient to some, and hence a deal breaker, but in my experience it avoids all the sync problems, and resultant corruptions, people face. I set up manual bills for all recurring expenses. Monthly I just click Enter and change the amount if it's a variable charge. Done. It's not that much work, and a whole lot less than trying to recover a corrupted data file. To each his own.
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