Dashboard asset allocation should show makeup of asset class when clicked

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The Asset Allocation card in the Dashboard is a helpful addition to Quicken, but it falls short of being truly useful because there is no way to find out what securities make up each asset class. When you hover over an asset class or pie wedge, it shows the number of securities and the dollar amount of the asset class:

But if you want to know which four securities in this example comprise the asset class, you're out of luck. Since the whole purpose of having asset allocation is to be able to rebalance your portfolio to your desired asset mix, this feature falls short of being truly useful. What's needed is the ability to click on any asset class and have the pop-up show a list of the securities and their dollar amounts. Here's a mock-up:

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  • Carefree
    Carefree Member ✭✭
    To me this feature and comparison against a desired asset allocation are what holds me back from recommending Quicken currently. I had this in the Windows version. Otherwise I am actually loving the Mac version better than Windows now.
  • Mikey2021
    Mikey2021 Member ✭✭
    This definitely needs to be added!