Charles Schwab Accounts not correct

My husband has one Charles Schwab account and I have three accounts. I have corrected the ZZ issue, deleted and reactivated the accounts numerous times. The accounts do not match the Charles Schwab account balances. It does show a number of transactions which don't appear to have downloaded. Two of the accounts have the correct cash balance and two do not.

Not sure what I should do next but it would be nice to trust the Quicken balances again.

Thanks Laurye


  • retird
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    You might contact Quicken Tech Support...
    Windows 10 and Windows 11 (separate computers)..... Quicken Premier (latest update) 20+ year user
  • compuwise
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    I'm having similar issues. Transactions are not downloading since 11/16. 
  • Fred Weber
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    I am having similar issues. We have two accounts in my wife's name, two accounts in my name, one joint account. There are two logins to Charles Schwab. All are investment accounts. Windows 11, Quicken Deluxe. I have done all of the recommended changes since 11/17/21. Now I can get transactions downloaded for my accounts and the joint account. Never get transactions for my wife's account. Any recommendations?
  • bdoyle
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    I am have similar problems...deactivated/activated accounts. Using R37.67; Build 27.1 Just today downloaded data but only received data from 11/15. More importantly, EOY transactions show reinvested dividends as new deposits (not "reinvested") without number of shares purchased. Additionally, I am still unable to download the account history prior to 11/15. Any suggestions?