Enhancements to the net worth over time graph

The current net worth over time graph is a simple line graph. We need a robust, more informative graph.

What we need for each point on the line graph (that is currently generated) is a set of aligned columns (up from $0 for assets, and down from $0 for liabilities). The assets and liabilities columns should also be subdivided into smaller stacked columns to show the main categories of the contributions to assets and liabilities. The line graph (net worth value) overlays these sets of stacked columns.

If this description doesn't make sense, please refer to the graph produced by QWin now or legacy versions of QMac (2017 or earlier).
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  • TX Colonel
    TX Colonel Member
    I support this comment 100%. Older versions of Quicken used to to this. Removing it almost made me end my relationship with Quicken. Please do this!