PNC Bank - OL-294-A Error - Direct Connect - AGAIN 1/4 and Continuing

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PNC Bank - OL-294-A Error - Direct Connect - AGAIN 1/4 and Continuing.  All Windows 10 and QW updated with latest patches.  Only PNC Direct Connect.


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    Are you using a VPN? This has been known to cause connection issues. Also, are you a former BBVA customer? There have been numerous migration issues for these customers to PNC. Not sure why.
    To give comparison, I am a long time PNC customer and only experienced a lapse in connectivity once recently. My PNC credit card account is another matter. It fails several times per month.

    I should note the one time DC outage was during the AWS nationwide outage.
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    GeoffG, Thanks, but no VPN and have been a customer and user of Quicken with PNC for over 25 years.  Only had one issue with connecting and downloading and that was in the last month.  Now it is ongoing.  Usually never an issue with Direct Connect method.  No issues with Schwab and Direct Connect for over 25 years, but now moving to Web Express not working at all or correctly since Nov 18th.  Quicken has got to fix these connection issues.
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    I am having Direct Connect issues since the 14th, no resolution, it is blaming the bank - can't find or sync accounts all information is correct.
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    Keep getting an OL-362-A error message download for non-existing acccount
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