2022 Schwab Downloads and Other Ongoing Unrelated Issues

Duba Member
When will the Schwab fiasco stop (and now new and other un-Schwab related errors too)? Everyday I get new errors, and even the errors reporting out of balance shares are providing inaccurate share balance information (error shows amounts of shares in Quicken that are not in Quicken). I have spent hours since January 1 validating my file multiple times, making corrections, reconciling, and still it goes on. Now on my Update Summary (after the system crashes sometimes when doing validation), it drops my Chase connection and I have to reset it up, sometimes entering login and password up to three times. My one-step update doesn't retain info and after I get it straightened out, it is now showing an error UNABLE TO UPDATE BILLS, but I have no bills. My file validation has new accounts created each time -- yesterday morning 15927; yesterday evening 1592C. What's going on Quicken? PS: Even the emoji icon above this new discussion post does not work. :s
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