After validating, ~227 empty reminders populate

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Hello, I have an error in my Quicken file where after I validate the file, the message says "Quicken found a damaged scheduled reminder and removed it. Please check your scheduled reminders by going to Tools>Manage Bills and Income Reminders." and then when I check in the Bill and Income Reminders tab, there are a whole lot of empty bill and income reminders that are all set to "one time," and seem to go on infinitely.

However I counted them, and there are 227. Deleting each reminder takes 10 seconds, and I can't mass-select them.

I already deleted all of my bills, billers, and reminders, and I'm not sure how Quicken is finding a damaged schedule reminder when there aren't any. I have already done "Review and Repair Online Billers." Are there other things I should try? Thank you.


  • markus1957
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    Did you use super-validate? Hold Ctrl+Shift when clicking Validate from File menu.

    Next would be Copy, selecting Template. This will build a copy and disconnect your downloads, but you can check this Copy template file to see if it resolves the reminder issue. You can validate it to see if the error returns, If not, you can reconnect your banks and use the copy. It will behave as a new file so you might want to deactivate EWC banks from your old file so they don't keep getting updated from your old cloud file.
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