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I am the finance guru in the family. I love seeing the whole picture on my mobile app. But my wife easily gets lost. If she opens the app to see how much she has left to spend, she gets lost in all the budget categories and turns it off and won't look again.
I need a way to only show those budget category items that she cares about on her mobile app. That way, when she opens the app, she won't see the car insurance, the vacation, nor the child support categories.
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  • SHP
    SHP Member
    Agreed. We are new-again to Quicken after years with YNAB. The spender of the family is quite dissatisfied with Quicken, while the saver/investor is in data-heaven again.

    We need actionable at-a-glance info about the budget in the mobile app.
  • scottschmok
    scottschmok Member ✭✭
    Agreed. I have the exact same issue. It would make life so much easier if we could choose the 5 or 6 categories that need to be tracking in real time to make sure they don't go over budget. I have the fixed liabilities on my desktop (mortgage, loans, insurance, etc.) to see the big picture, but don't want to see them on the mobile app.
  • Tacking on my "I agree." Literally had this discussion last night and was trying to troubleshoot it today.