Problem with Schwab Updates

dick75 Member
After a couple (2 or 3) calls with Quicken, I had updated my accounts (deactivate, reset, reactivate, etc.) and all worked right then. But the very next day the Schwab downloads did not appear. I could go through the update again, but not every day. Any ideas why this would work and then stop working? My guesses were the VPN (turned off through all this), one or more accounts have no transactions (?), dead end here.


  • goldrun
    goldrun Member
    Some stock share amounts are higher on Quicken and some lower. Some Schwab accounts haven't updated since November even though Quicken shows that I just downloaded updates. I also have a strange zzz..Schwab listing in my downloads. When will Schwab and Quicken get this corrected? This has been entirely too long and erodes the confidence I have in Quicken after decades of being a loyal customer. :/ :/
  • dick75
    dick75 Member
    Thanks, I feel the same, loyal for >10 years. But I'm also considering leaving Schwab as this is "no way to live!"
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