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We shouldnt need to refinance our mortgage to get basic account info out of Cenlar....

I am also in disbelief that Cenlar - which bought my morgtage from another bank that DOES enable account info access - doesnt enable its basic account information to be shared with accounting software. At first I thought problem might be with Quicken and/ connection, but no... they confirmed it. I had sent a letter (the kind you put in an envelope and mail) to the Cenlar COO Rob Lux in Dec and got a reply back from an assistant that said: "Thank you for contacting our executive team...regrettably our online system does not support third party applications. We regret any inconvenience..." in 2021, they are going backwards and making it harder to manage our mortgage payments, arguably the biggest bill we all have. And what choice do we have? We are locked in unless we refinance? So I suggest others also write a letter as 1) they read them, 2) they seem to think they dont need to offer what they used which is basic access to our account information. Cenlar FSB, COO Rob Lux, 780 Township Line, Road, Morrisville, PA 19067


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    @Besteffort9 I wanted to reply to your post last week, but it was marked closed for a few days; a moderator has re-opened it.

    What I wanted to say is that downloading from a mortgage company is not something Quicken users necessarily need — some Quicken users say to avoid it even if it's available — and I certainly wouldn't consider refinancing over this.

    If you are armed with the data of your mortgage from the company's website, you should be able to set up a loan account in Quicken to mimic what's happening in the real world. You might have to make a small adjustment every now and then if Quicken's and the mortgage company's interest/amortization calculations differ slightly. If you need help setting up the loan and payment transactions in Quicken, post back with what your questions are and I'm sure folks here would be happy to help. 
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