"International" Schwab accounts & Quicken "reauthorization"/download issues since 11/19

synchro9898 Member ✭✭
I was never able to resolve the download/reauthorization issues since 11/19. Yesterday Schwab customer support belatedly told me since my account is an "international" account, the new Quicken connection method will not work for me -- period. There is no workaround. Apparently the new connection method since 11/19 only works with US/domestic Schwab accounts. The Schwab rep speculated it may be for security reasons. I told Schwab I have been with them for 30+ years, and am an U.S. citizen. It just happen I moved overseas a couple years ago and changed my address to a foreign address, and now my account is classified as "international". Doesn't matter. I told them I can't believe I am terminating a 30+ year relationship with Schwab over an IT issue. They don't care. I guess they have become big enough losing a couple overseas customers over Quicken issues don't matter to them.

For those Quicken customers who are still unable to resolve your Quicken re-authorization or set up issues since 11/19, this may be a reason.
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